Valued more than gold in the past and bringing new hope in our modern age of stress and disease, this liquid gold found in the resins of Frankincense trees has made its way through the ages.

Sandalwood Oil is one essential oil that survived the test of time. It has been popular for its fragrance and has been used in incense burners as early as 1500 B.C. Not only was it used for its aroma, but also for its medicinal value.

Need a quick way to relax from your busy day? Enjoy the wonderful benefits of Frankincense oil, which you can use on your body or diffused into the very air you breathe. The very vapour of this oil will disinfect your room better than those commercially-made disinfectant sprays, minus the harmful side effects. The soothing aroma from the vapors can give you a feeling of peace and relaxation, and if your muscles are really aching, you can use it for .

Frankincense oil for youth? This wonder oil has been part of ancient beauty regimens and it can help you look younger. Just add a drop to your favorite morning facial cream. It can help heal your wounds, external as well as internal. It can also be used as a hair tonic, making hair roots stronger, and makes scars and stretch marks fade away.

Frankincense oil as a medicine? If you suffer indigestion from last night’s meal, this oil can be your remedy instead of taking antacids. If you need to lose water weight, this oil is your natural, safe alternative. It also helps regulate menstrual cycle and drives cough and phlegm away.

The best thing about this oil is that it has no adverse side effects ever known, which means that it’s totally safe. Pregnant women, however, should not use it due to its effect on the menstrual cycle. For the rest of you who wants to add a twist on this healthy oil, you may blend it with citrus oils, lavender, myrrh and Sandalwood oil.